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At Senior and Family Financial, we seek the best strategies and solutions to meet your financial needs. The following areas may apply to you: RMD Analysis, Roth Conversions, Retirement Planning, Income Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Efficiency Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, Educational Retirement Webinars, Rollovers, Annuities and Life Insurance

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Receive a personal analysis on how to calculate your RMDs. This analysis will also help you understand how to possibly save on taxes related to your RMDs. You will also better understand the rules for beneficiary designations. Finally, we will see if your asset allocations are appropriate for your RMDs.

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Many people could see a long term tax advantage by converting pre-tax IRA accounts over to their Roth IRA account

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Live out your golden years with peace of mind that you can retire knowing you have a solid plan with built in protections. We can design plans that give you periodic guaranteed "pay raises" along with growth buckets that offer protection through algorithms and non correlated asset diversification.

Flexible Payment Planning


Do you have in income plan that keeps up with inflation so you will not outlive your savings? We can help you develop a plan that will give you the best chance to stay retired. A complimentary income plan is provided to each one our clients. We also recommend income-producing products that are customized to each individual.

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After evaluating a clients need, risk tolerance and time horizon,  we recommend active or passive money management for various accounts.  We always look for the option that is in the best interest of the client. We use money managers such as Taiber Kosmala, Howard Capital Management, Horizon Investments, Panthrex, Brookmont Captial Management and Guggenheim investments.   The client's short, middle and long-term goals will factor into their customized portfolios.

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Are most of your retirement savings vulnerable to high tax rates? We run an analysis to see if a Roth conversion can provide considerable tax savings for you in the long run. We can help you decide when to take distributions from deferred, taxable, and tax-free accounts. There are other tax-advantaged vehicles that can also be considered as well.

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Have you thought about how you will care for your needs when you are older? Statistics show that 2 out of 3 people will need some form of long-term social care in their home or in an institution before they die. We can help find long-term care solutions that use life insurance products. Let us help you protect your assets from the high costs of chronic care.

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Steven is a Certified Financial Educator and regularly offers a 5 hour Retirement class called "Retire Me Right".   You can register and pay for this class by going to  It gives a great crash course in all areas related to retirement.   Register early for a $10 discount.   Bring a friend at no extra charge.

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If you retire or change a job, we can help you roll over your investments into a personalized portfolio that fits your short, middle and long term goals and needs.  Most 401k and IRA accounts do not offer downside stop-loss protections. Our money managers can offer portfolios that lower risk without sacrificing upside growth potential.

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Do you want to eliminate some market risk? Are you looking for an additional income stream that is guaranteed? We determine which product to recommend based on your needs and goals.  Fixed indexed annuities can capture some gains from an index without exposing you to market risk. They can also offer a guaranteed lifetime income stream.

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Life insurance can be used to meet many different needs. Besides the death benefit payout, some permanent policies offer living benefit payments for chronic or terminal illnesses.  Life insurance policies can also grow money that can be borrowed tax-free.

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Prepare for your free consultation by filling out the Financial Questionnaire and the Risk Assessment Questionnaire

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