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Senior and Family Financial

Senior and Family Financial

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Financial Planning
Will your retirement savings last? Are you protected from the next market crash? Learn a retirement strategy in which you can win the battles against inflation, market losses, and taxes while receiving a higher net income that you can never outlive
Assets Under Management
Do you still want to be in the market but have assurances from catastrophic losses? I offer a cutting edge technology that actives money management to lower the chance of catastrophic losses and increases the chance of gains.
Indexed Universal Life
How can you lower future tax bills but grow money without market risk? A leading strategy is called Indexed Universal Life that has historically yielded 7 to 9% returns. It is a great opportunity to allocate cash value amounts to equity index account with the S&P 500.
Long Term Care
70% of Americans will need some type of Long Term Care before they die.The cost for long term care is not covered by Medicare. The question is, will your retirement savings last in the event you need long term care? Asset based long-term care is a great way to build equity at 3% to 4% per year until the need arises your your benefactor receives the full premium tax free.
Life Insurance
Many people do not have adequate life insurance. to protect their family and/or small business. Permanant Life Insurance grows a cash value -tax deferred- that can be accessed tax free. Term Life Insurance is available for those who have temporary life insurance needs.

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